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Weird and funny photos from around the world

21/04/2018 | Weird and funny photos from around the world

Coke is one hell of a drug
Are you sure you want to ask?
Time travel gone wrong
You're doing pink wrong
Toxic workplace
My body is ready
Which drink gives you powers like that?
Faint or barf - take your pick
Goth and broke to the extreme
Desert or dessert?
Rapunzel out for lunch
Easy transporting
And take your obesities with you!
Made for digging
I'll take two
Food chain - broken
Nothing wrong with this picture
Back away slowly
Infinity brow
Hentai cosplay
Very private person
My kind of fitness
My little alien
They don't grow back you know!
Fursona gone wild
Stay strong bro!
Stock pictures really have everything
When you're not sure if its a fruit or a canine
I'm not walking anywhere
Come, my faithful minions!
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