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Bad Luck

27/04/2018 | Bad Luck

Diving gone wrong
Time to lose some weight
Beating the propaganda machine
Hugging too hard
Butter is no joke
That's where my amazon order went!
Party hard
Curiosity never pays off
Gift from the skies
Artist in crisis
Russian parking
Russian speedway
When you want your own underground parking too much
Wedding in Syberia
Do not mess with January
Nokia: the legend lives on
Where do you think you're going?
Custom paintjob extravaganza
Mating in the city
It was Jerry, I swear
Fly away with you
Like losing a shoe mid-stride
Never clean enough!
Where would you put an amphibian bike?
Thirst matters
Show off, even when passed out
Misunderstood pizza
They really tried
Hindsight 20/20
How long was he wearing those socks?!
Missed opportunity
Liftoff in 3...
Learning to fly the hard way
When transporting yo mama