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From Russia with fun

24/07/2018 | From Russia with fun

California - the produce market of your nightmares
Freedom for cats
Typical russian policewoman
Unfinished business
A typical russian superhero
"We are going to the orphan home!" - why advertise it though?
Russian police dog among colleagues
I'm russian and I have no idea what this is
Putin is always with me
The symbol of the soccer championship had a bit too much fun
A viking-style burial gone rogue
Romance is sacrifice
Typical russian propaganda
A play on the famous "Luke, I am your father" with Luke actually meaning "manhole" in Russian
Not entirely wrong
Mercedes-club, because the car owners went broke just to get the car
"For motherland!" with two of the most paranoid dictators on the hood. Yeah, sure
A very unpopular way to do a wedding
Post-apocalyptic petrol safety
Normal children's playground
An invitation
21st century meets the 19th in modern Russia
Grandma keeping the TV warm
Soil asphalting - because its Russia and nobody cares
Rare picture: the work of a parking guru
USSR still lives on in our hearts
Typical russian home (I'm sorry, but its not really a joke)
A suicidal man finishing up his earthly business
Cola ketchup - because nothing else goes with vodka