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Somebody is having a worse day than you

03/08/2018 | Somebody is having a worse day than you

Cooking is not for everyone
Titanic cosplay
Messing with the wrong oceanic predator
Nope nope nope nope
Nice to look at, but I wouldn't want to be there
Parking guru strikes again
This is PIE!!!
You know your dieting has gone too far, when...
When you just can't get warm
I'm nearly having a heart attack just looking at this
Parking guru: blind edition
Too much of a cute thing
Parking guru: Assasin's creed
The bull was not amused by the steak joke
Enjoying an afternoon swim
Beer river - not a thing
Now let's see you speeding, buster
Pool party for one
This is why you don't fly your car around all willy-nilly
One of the worst beach outings
You can take a Porshe out of mud, but cleaning the mud from inside a Porshe...
ER can have fun too
Parking guru: Mondays
At least you have honey now
Real classy, Sharon
Gaming addiction is a thing