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Surprising Pictures from Russia

07/08/2018 | Surprising Pictures from Russia

For rent - take your pick
In Russia, waste recycling is done by wildlife
Seeds here, crumbs there - eat, bird
A little piece of apocalypse now
Cafe "Away from wives" - you know you're kinda blowing your cover, right?
This is how landscaping should be done!
This guy sure is cheerful
A-social drug store - just what the doctor ordered!
Very considerate road workers
Was it vodka or heat that got you down, dear sir?
Innapropriate amount of patriotism
Do not pee here - this is missing a threat
Patriotism is for babies
Girls! Blowjobs are healthier than cigarettes!
A whole story in one picture
Prison lingo everywhere
What is power, brother?
Just thinking over his life choices
Noodles are not so instant
Welcome to City 17!
A delivery service for prisoners
If you took my parking spot - take my diseases too!
Progress - a magical word
Trying to isolate Russia? You'll run out of isolating tape! (probably true)
The sports future of Revda
The cult of plastic plants
I hope Greenpeace forgives me