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Russian craftyness and aethetic

10/09/2018 | Russian craftyness and aethetic

Russia's last hope - apparently, going home after a rough day at saving the country
Guess which vehicle is driven by a drunk babushka
Historical building reconstruction
This is a riddle, that might cost you your dignity and/or manhood.
Love is... waiting for her to make the first move
Sober taxi russian style
Wastewater pump with a sense of humour
When your car is too crowded, but you can't leave Vlad behind
Let me touch you, don't be afraid!
If the driver had only gone to school a few more years, this whole mess would have been on a powerplant
This is exactly why the military order Viagra so much
I'm afraid that if I laugh, this whole house will fall on top of me
Asphalt river for your convenience
Artists are supposed to suffer
Best view of the village - in more ways than one.
National arts and crafts get creative with supplies
I'm sure it led nowhere anyway
That fancy-shmancy Louvre has the fake!
Some ham to your cheap booze?
Babylon recreated by famous village idiot
He's not wrong...
Brand loyalty isn't his thing, apparently
Russians are very crafty with their situations and came make use of practically everything
Let me cry in peace, you monsters!
90s makeup is truly a force of nature
Spare some iron change for the rusting man?
Manly russian beach comes with manly russian mermaids
Technical break 15 minutes - I bet she's off to lunch)
Why would one make a bed for bears to spend their honeymoon on? And where can I get his number?
Kudos to the cable guy - he tried making it classy
Fake balcony for fake low prices
Best car for siberian woman
It looks like it was made out of legos. but I assure you...
Ultimate battle of man and machine
Village idiot/hipster
Louboutins are not suited for Russia
Like I said, very crafty. Expect a nuclear bomb out of cats
Stone sea, boat required
This gives a new meaning to the term "dirt road"
Fart-powered rocket
Russia has their share of muggles too
Bear asking for a bribe, threatening to eat policemen
Future babushka blew her cover
River road - washes itself
I bet he really was the driver and returned to finish the job
Another village hipster - cosplaying Dua Lipa
Just a fence
Electrician's nightmare with a perfect safeguard
This better be the entrance to the morgue
Not sure what is scarier in this scenario - being in the car or on the road
Crafty mofos, I told you! It's in their blood, from birth!
Accessible environment for birds of prey
This is why most russian roads are terrible
Picnic by the rails - the train cut the melon
Minimalist coffee ad
This thing can give plants nightmares
You know what you did!
Quick thinking gets you everywhere in life
Hot pizza delivery - why doesn't he fly then?