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Cars in stupid, funny and cool situations - because they can

24/09/2018 | Cars in stupid, funny and cool situations - because they can

Mad Max on the streets of your town
Next level packing skills
Modern flying carpet
This is the only thing I don't wanna see on a hearse
This represents your liver before and after prom night
The desk of that guy your mom compares you to
A russian racing car
Woody, grab my hand! - Never! Let me sniff car exhaust in peace!
Call me, babe!
Accidental genius - an accident-proof car
Sorry, that is not a rabiit you got there!
The best car to show off your ootd
Hardcore car lover bathroom
The only suit to spice up your life after you've got a fancy black car
Who says a scientist can't be cool)
The one stubborn guy that doesn't go away after firm goes bancrupt
The kind of car that changes your life
Creative refueling
Russians don't know when to quit
I know you want me
When the whole neighbourhood hates you
Casual batmobile
Square peg in a round hole
Next level fandom
Either this is the best way to protect your car from thieves, or the driver just stole this thing from a landfill
Portal homage
Tarred and feathered
Your friendly local monster truck
Inventive mind-blowing
Everything checks out
Senior batmobile
The most extra biker in the country
A great attempt at viral marketing
Someone in this picture can't read. Guess who
An unlucky fit
Somebody had a wet dream about this
When the concert is in ten minutes
Need for speed
Next level imaginary girlfriend
A cute and popular homage
To be fair, they were warned
Barking awesome!
Cheapskate in the wild
Owner needs a planner
Nobody is immune
Just a bit closer!
Swimming is not for cars