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Funny and bizarre pictures to make you smile

01/10/2018 | Funny and bizarre pictures to make you smile

Never a bad time for turkey
A laid back attitude improves quality of life
Russians can't be stopped by prohibitions
Local woman looks for lipstick in crocodile skin purse
A helicopter - great source of shade and cool wind
Girl meets bra
When your mom won't let you get a pet
Feeding the Loch-ness monster
Man with huge hands can't repair anything
Not her best catch, but it will make a great fish stew.
Not enough work at the office
Natural obstacle
Hey, pssst, wanna get your wires crossed?
I love you not
Now we know how the Roman empire fell
Tanning salon when electricity is down
Man has no idea how to use a smartphone
Absolutely normal NY subway train
Really weird feeding rituals
What are you looking at, punk?!
My cooking skills are exactly this bad
Someday the train will stop and in seconds will be taken apart for sale
Photoshop can help this dream come true
When your arms just can't
How I broke my toilet bowl while cleaning
You can't fight the almighty d*ck