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Russia in many interesting pictures

08/10/2018 | Russia in many interesting pictures

People running from Russia by sea
I don't know what it means to live properly - so I just do what I want
When you are very late and need to take a bath on your commute
I once was an adventurer like you, but then I got a daisy to the knee
F*ck nuclear weapons! - Yeah, ok, let's do it!
Bus drivers need a recharge too
What are they exchanging, I wonder?
Never grow up - it's a trap!
Don't forget to buy a tent - yeah, now I will
Comfortable life in the center of Moscow - the only affordable way for regular people
Nobody is concerned - this is Russia, not even Deadpool can spoil their lives any more
Doing police work on the side from their main occupation in crime
Now this is a creative way to pose!
And you complain about children getting home from school on their own
Garbage fishing
The only fire truck in our town
A russian woman in a flooded house watching a story about how bad it is in Ukraine on TV
This better be a mud bath ad
Chelovek-pauk in motherland, 1991, colorized
Kinder surprise - when you don't know how children are made
Russian milf
When you have everything except for money
The cheapest car in a typical russian village
Macho handyman
I'm genuinely afraid to laugh at this
Work of wild handymen
Wirelless pay for public transport
New age pigeons
Russian orthodox antivirus
Russian mail
Robot recycle
Extreme sustainability
When your mom knows you've done something wrong
Sausage brethren
Your dead-beat dad in his natural habitat
The reason why russian women look for love overseas
Big Babushka is watching you
When you do make up in the dark
Accessible public transport
A single sad picture of modern Russia and its problems
Hardcore beach holiday
An average russian six
Happy travels!
Russian carpeting level 99
Cosplay gets really awkward in Russia
Creative logging
Russian male bonding ritual
Tsunami warning
Costume party for kids can go a number of ways...
Construction worker deep in thought
Beaver beach before beavers arrived