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18/10/2018 | 40 reasons why you need to get a cat

They grow fast
Cats are great swimmers, even if they don't like it
Cats can do just about anything to get what they want
Cats can be friendly to their fellow cold-blooded animals
Cats are eager to share
Cats can be breadwinners for your household
Cats are adorable
They never cease to be impressed by your stupidity
Cats have an incredible sense of smell
They streeeeeeeeeetch really well
Cats appreciate what you do for them
Cats remember where they came from
They can relax like nobody else
A cat can sleep anywhere
They don't judge your lack of style
Sometimes they can seem like little demons from hell
They are not loners at all - that is actually a myth. Cats love company!
Beauty of a particular cat could be stunning
I just wanted a clean plate, you animal!
Felines show love in weird ways
But they have fun, just like you
Sometimes they are not opposed to human food
Cats do produce a lot of great photo opportunities
Cats make friends easily
Sunbathing is a very important pastime
"Who is this guy?"
Cats are absolutely fearless
Some claim cats are a fluid
"Wake me up when its time for bed"
Cats can fend off loneliness
Cats really can be liquid
"Is the vacuum cleaner gone?"
Don't think to much about this, cats are great!
Cats are cute and cuddly, I swear!
Not menacing at all
Intelligent and well-behaved, that is what cares are
They don't take up much space
Egyptians worshipped them for a reason
Cats are great for your social media too
A cat is better than pretty much any other animal out there